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What Is Involved with Membrane Roofing?

  Membrane Roofing is designed to reduce the chances of leaks and pooling that are associated with other materials. This system is slowly replacing the more traditional asphalt roof. It is frequently used on roofs which are either completely flat or have a very slight slope. There are 3 kinds of membrane systems: which are modified bitumen, thermoset, and thermoplastic membrane. With a thermoset membrane, sheets of rubber will be laid across the roof’s surface with their seams overlapping. These are then heated, which results in the rubber melting together. Due to the rubber used, the heat will cause the sheets to create a chemical bond, which makes the seams as strong as the actual sheets themselves. The rubber is anywhere from 0.044″ to 0.059″, which makes it almost impossible to penetrate when it comes to water leaks. With a thermoplastic membrane, they are very similar to the aforementioned thermoset, however, are comprised of PVC or similar materials and not of rubber. The PVC sheets will not chemically bond when heated, however, they do form a tight seal which will keep water from gaining access into the seams. These are also not as expensive as thermoset systems, but, they will need more maintenance and repairs. There are various benefits when it comes to using a membrane system over more traditional roofing materials. A standard asphalt roof is prone to leaks mainly due to its construction. Seams are not usually sealed tightly, which means water will find a way to seep into a home. Membrane roofs, however, are almost seamless, which results in fewer leaks. Another benefit of membrane systems is there is no need to add an extra gravel topcoat, which is often needed with asphalt roofs. The gravel is used to hold asphalt in place, and to keep the sun from heating it up too much. Membrane systems are attached directly to the roof’s structure, which removes the need for gravel. Plus, these roofs are either white or light colored, which will help to reflect the sun’s rays and keep a home cooler, which in turn reduces energy bills.

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