Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Taking care of your commercial building can take time and effort. You must bargain leases, gather rent, arrange for cleaning, manage maintenance and repairs, and handle unforeseen problems.

One of the most important aspects of the structural soundness and safety of your building is the roofing system. Even though fixing problems as they happen is essential to preventing more expensive damage, how can you be sure that you get everything during annual inspections or maintenance on commercial roofs? When inspecting the roof, consider the following:

Keep Maintenance Logs

It can be very useful to keep track of roof maintenance and repairs. An effective management tool, a maintenance log, is helpful when making repairs or selling your property. Please include the following information in your log: who went on the roof, where they went, when they were there (date and time), and why they were there (maintenance, inspection, repair, etc.).

Record Everything During Your Inspection

Record the venting, flashing, and other conditions of every object you observe. Ascertain whether they require maintenance or not. For future use and in case you need to file an insurance claim, take pictures and note any damage.

Create a Custom Toolkit

Put together a toolkit with everything you’ll need for a roof inspection. A checklist, roof plans, aerial photographs, a pencil and paper for making notes, a camera to document damage, a tape measure and a flashlight should all be included.

Check the Walls

Check the walls when examining the building’s interior. Check for damage such as cracks, mold, peeling or wet paint, and other issues. These problems are frequent indications that the building has leaks or too much moisture. Examine and test the areas as soon as you can.

Check Your Attic

Is there enough airflow in the attic? Do the rafters and sheathing have any visible cracks or damage to the decking? Is there light coming through the roof that shouldn’t be there? These are all obvious indications of the potential damage that, if ignored, may require extensive and pricey repairs.

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